VG13 was founded in 2013 by Tom Fantini, Alberto Rossi and Emilio Trevisiol in Mendrisio. Since then we have been involved in a series of temporary partnerships with offices and architects, working for competitions and preliminary projects.
In 2017, immediately after receiving our Diploma, we realized our ambition to start trying to be architects on our own. In doing so we aim to embrace the spirit of the school that has trained us, built upon the timeless architectural model of learning by doing, in which we strongly believe.

We are currently working as a group of architects based in Villa Guardia (Como) on the border between Italy and Switzerland, sharing our aspirations with Maria Cagnoli and Francesco Borromeo.

Since summer 2017 we work as the architectural and creative base of hus.


Tom Fantini, Alberto Rossi, Emilio Trevisiol, Francesco Borromeo, Maria Cagnoli